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The Boreal Forest Alliance is intended to be a meeting point for Saguenay Lac St-Jean's forest industry's communities, active and retired workers, and all residents. It aims at promoting the development of sustainable exploitation of our boreal forest and natural resources.

The Boreal Forest Alliance hopes to rally all socio-economic players to its cause; the defense of sustainable forestry and the right to harvest and create wealth by showcasing the boreal forest. In January 2012, the regional conference of elected officials of Saguenay Lac St-Jean, in collaboration with the RCM, began work to create the Boreal Forest Alliance organization. In June 2014, the organization was officially incorporated and registered with le Registraire des entreprises du Québec. The Boreal Forest Alliance is made up of communities but hopes to integrate active and retired workers from the forest industry, as well as Lac St-Jean's population. The organization aims at promoting the development of sustainable exploitation of our boreal forest and natural resources. Its objectives are as follows:

  • Create and manage a promotion fund to benefit the sustainable exploitation of the boreal forest and natural resources;
  • Coalesce private and public organizations in regions where boreal forest is present;
  • Coalesce socio-economic players in order to promote and defend sustainable forestry, the right to harvest and create wealth related to the enhancement of the boreal forest;
  • Document and work towards the increase of forestry, with an eye to quantity and quality;
  • Organize fundraisers by means of public subscription or other;
  • Lobby and inform governments in relation to the above mentioned objectives;
  • Support research development in order to develop knowledge in relation to the above mentioned objectives 

Counter job loss in the forest sector

More than ever convinced that all socio-economic players must rally to save our jobs, the organization formally asks the Government of Québec to put together a round table gathering the government, regional elected officials and FSC Canada in order to understand the certification mechanism and the actions to put forth to get things back on track. Furthermore, Boreal Forest Alliance believes it is imperative that the Quebec government orders a socio-economic study on the FSC norm, its impacts, its advantages and disadvantages.

Short term, the organization will track the evolution of the protected areas and woodland caribou files so that any new protection measure is compensated with measures enabling to maintain, even increase, wood volumes available for harvest. Lastly, Boreal Forest Alliance hopes that the government renders available unharvested volumes from 2008 to 2013 that are under little or no constraints. These represent a possibility of creating 700 jobs a year for 3 years..

Their opinion

You will find here remarks from people of all backgrounds, workers, elected officials, residents, who express their point of view on different subjects related to the forest industry. The Boreal Forest Alliance is an opportunity to share their opinion. It is their voice!